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Autism Services

Programs for students with ASD are designed to address the core social-communicative disorder as well as meet the educational and behavioral needs of each student. Educational services are agreed upon by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) team. Services are provided in the least restrictive environment where the child is able to participate and learn. Students who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and the ability to benefit from general education curriculum are educated in general education classrooms with additional supports provided as needed by the student's district of residence. In the case of small, direct-service, school districts, TCOE staff provides special education services.

Training and Staff Development

In addition to direct services for students, the Tulare County SELPA also provides many opportunities for both school staff and parents to receive education and training in a wide variety of autism-related topics. For information on upcoming workshops, check our Calendar of Events.

Autism Competency Certification

The SELPA also operates Autism Competency programs for teachers and instructional assistants who work or may work with children who have ASD. For information on the Autism Competency program, call Tammy Bradford at (559) 730-2910 EXT. 5128 or email: Tammy Bradford.

Autism Resources

This section has been developed by the Tulare County SELPA to assist parents, professionals, and other members of the community by providing information on autism spectrum disorders. Find general information on autism spectrum disorders, links to specific information from a variety of sources, educational approaches, and a host of "downloadable" materials.

For more information, contact Tammy Bradford, Program Manager:
(559) 730-2910 EXT. 5128 or email: Tammy Bradford.