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The "Publications Guide" contains a listing of special education-related publications available from the Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) and the Tulare County/District Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).

Achievement Testing

A  Parent's Guide to Achievement Testing

Brochure, CDE 1999
Explains statewide achievement tests and possible accommodatiions for students with disabilities.
Of interest to: Parents


Autism Competency
Certification Manual Handbook for Paraprofessionals


Parents Guide to IEE

A Parent's Guide to Independent Educational Evaluations

Booklet, available in English
and Spanish
Describes the policies, procedures, and criteria for obtaining independent educational evaluations for a child at public expense, and provides a list of resources.
Of interest to: Parents

Behavior Book

The Behavior Handbook

About IEPs

About Individualized Education Programs

Booklet, Channing Bete
Brief explanation of the I.E.P. process and available services.
Of interest to: Parents


The Bright Future Preschool Program

Bright Start

All About Our Bright Start Parent Infant Program

Brochure, available in English and Spanish
Describes services available to infants (birth to age 3) with special needs..
Of interest to: Parents

Bright Future

The Bright Future Program

Professional Competency

Autism Competency Certification Manual Handbook for Professionals

Handbook explains the process for teachers to earn
competency certification in the area of services to children with autism.

Of interest to: Administrators, Teachers

Bright Future TBS

The Bright Future Program - Therapeutic Behavioral Services